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Web Development

Work in the direction of Web-development is interesting and varies, by on steck of used technologies, and used patterns of design and management of the project.

Tools & Technologies

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Web Development
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance includes Quality Control along with another processes of improving the company’s quality of work. In terms of this direction is included preventive process, whose main task is quality assurance of product in future and the process of bug finding in the product, with purpose of their further correction.

Quality Control is oriented on the product, which is being developed in the present moment (supporting of product quality).

Our team develop the general test strategy and selection of appropriate testing tools.

In our work we usually use such testing tools as Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, Postman, Jenkins. Also we use different testing techniques: black box (Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Testing, Use Case Testing); grey box (SQL queries); experience based (Exploratory Testing, Error Guessing).

Tools & Technologies

jira postqresql jenkins browserstack selenium trello jmeter

Front-End Development

The main task of Front-end-developer is to “wear” internet-project in such way, that it will be interesting for as many users as possible. Such work involves not only making technical decisions in the area of designing of web-interfaces that provide the convenience of using a web resource, but also involves the ability to put yourself in the place of a remote user and to create pages with intuitive interface.

Tools & Technologies

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If you want to be a designer it’s not enough to have only knowledge, skills and creativity, also you should have understanding and communication on a high level. Such specialist should understand the customer’s idea many-sidedly: project purpose, it’s objectives, audience specifics, psychological aspects and expectations. Because of the flexible approach to every client, caring about customer is the base of our work.

Human Resource Management

HRM - it’s about how people are managed and are employed; it’s philosophy about how peoples interact with a company (involving ethical component); it’s about improving the organization’s performance through people as a key value; it’s based on a range of theories about behaviour of employees and organizations; includes application of HR practices and policies.

The main task of HR is supporting the company in achieving its goals through developing and implementation of HR strategy; taking part in creation a corporational culture of high efficiency; creating positive relations between managers and employees, also, creating the atmosphere of complete trust; stimulating to use ethical approaches to managing of people.


Project Management

Project Manager should organize work in such way, that it will be comfortable for all members of team, also effective and successful for the project. Also his job responsibilities include discussing the tasks with customer and team, its priorities, specifications and realization details . PM provides planning on the project and support flexibility in the case of any changes; plays on role of the business analyst, it collects and systematizes the requirements and proposes the ways of improvement and development of the product to achieve the business goals.

Another important task for PM is management of risks on the project, because while working on the project different crises, complications and unpredictable situations may arise.

Sales Management

To be successful Sales Manager you should have creative mind and flexible approach to customers, (e.g.), establishment of cooperation with potential customers, determining of reasons, receiving refusal to cooperate, discussing the nuances of project management.

SM knows laws and regulation documents which regulate implementation entrepreneurial and commercial activities, basics of pricing and marketing, knows psychology and sales principles.

Mobile development

Mobile Development

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do business at a faster rate than we anticipated. Be it booking a travel ticket or arranging accommodation, ordering food or buying groceries and paying bills, mobile applications help us do the task conveniently and efficiently. The popularity of mobile apps is increasing at a swift pace.

Having a mobile app has become a necessity for businesses these days. It facilitates brand building, increases awareness, improves customer engagement, promotes revenue growth, etc.