Do you see a trend in Website Builders?

May 13, 2020
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do you see a trend in website builders?

What do you think about wix and tilda ? For us, they are changing trends in website creation process. No need in hosting and deployment, you don’t even need to learn how to write code.

Recently, we got a request from an advertising agency to implement a similar platform. Our client is providing digitalization for small businesses like restaurants, pizzas, closing shops, barber shops etc. In the scope of their services they are building landing pages for each customer, the agency is quite big and they are getting a few hundred new clients a month. They asked Inventorsoft to build a website builder platform that from one hand will allow creation of new 5–10 pages websites really quick and from other hand will allow integration with their CRM system to track metrics (like visitors etc.)

To be honest, It was one of most challenging projects for our company. Building landings is simple, but how to allow building them on the fly. And more important how to make each website working under their own domain without manual deployment of the website?

We don’t know how other website builders are solving this task, but we implemented a very smart proxy mechanism, that was loading website ui configuration settings from backend based on the domain name that was passed from our Angular application.

Of course our platform is much simpler and limited in comparison with commercial website builder platforms in terms of variety of components and visualizations, however we are proud that our company was able to deliver this extremely complex project without any experience in developing website builder platforms.

Now this project is done, and the client is using it on a daily basis. From one point of view, we are happy that we don’t need to think anymore about complex tasks that we met during implementing this project, but from other hand we would like to get such projects in the future. We see a big trend in such products, marketplaces are one more proof that such “platforms without a need in coding” will become even more popular in the future. Do you use website builder platforms ?

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