What you need to know about Full Stack Developer.

Jun 3, 2020
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what you need to know about full stack developer

What you need to know about Full Stack Developer.

We found that there are 2 types of clients: one type thinks that all developers should be equal and should be full stack developers only, others like to hire dedicated developers for front-end and back-end. There are many different ideas about who a full stack developer is. Below we will share our thoughts on this matter.

Full Stack developer is a developer who can cope with all development work: from database to implementation of client apps. In short, it’s a person who can do both front-end and back-end work. The truth is that each full stack developer started as a back-end or front-end engineer, so, for the purposes of clarity, let’s call them Back-end Full Stack Engineers (BFE) and Front-end Full Stack Engineers (FFE).

BFE started as a back-end developer, so they have good knowledge in REST API design, architecture, databases and application security in general. Some day they started to do UI work, and they are trying to apply their back-end programming skills to JavaScript frameworks. But probably, you will never meet a BFE, who knows CSS on a good level. In addition, BFE usually are not so creative as FFE, so never expect them to do nice design.

Another story is with FFE. They are experts in HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks. And some day they need to learn back-end, yes they know the basics of SQL and in which format they need to send in data to the back-end. But when it comes to architecture design, logging, database schema design, it’s where problems usually begin.

Full stack developer is always heavily loaded, his time for learning new things is distributed among all technologies and development is slower than one of a programmer with a narrow specialization. Also this kind of specialist must probably have limited knowledge in each separate area than an engineer who concentrates on one technology. But from another point of view, a full stack developer has the knowledge and skills to write software from scratch and bring it into production, this is someone who partly knows all the platforms. It’s very good to have 2 full stack engineers, as they are replaceable.

Our personal opinion is that one back-end and one front-end developer is a much better solution than 2 full stack engineers, as everyone does the job they are experts in. They have much more experience and knowledge, because they really concentrate on their technology to do their best for the project.

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