Who is the project manager?

Jul 1, 2020
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who is the project manager

The concept of who is a project manager in the market is quite vague. Some people think that the PM must have programming experience, for others soft skills are more important. It often happens that PM’s duties are compatible with the duties of BA, UX- designer, QA, programmers etc., despite the fact that all posts have different tasks and functions.

Project Manager — a person who is responsible for the project management process, sets priorities, plans and distributes tasks in the team. A good project manager must simultaneously understand the client’s requirements, meet the company’s needs and work effectively with the team that is implementing the project.

So what exactly are the responsibilities of a project manager?

Project Management

This includes receiving technical specifications from the customer, preparation of the project plan, updating and maintaining existing documentation, coordination of terms, analysis of possible risks, division of a product into components and purpose to their executors, staging a workflow in a team (development, testing, work with requirements), etc.

Customer Communication

Interacting with the customer is one of the most important responsibilities of a project manager. The PM must build trust between the client and the team, be able to negotiate and be resilient to stress.

Communication with the development team

It is very important to motivate the team, build effective interaction, be able to resolve conflicts and timely remove obstacles to work. Earning trust, PM will receive respect, which is considered fundamental in any management.

What qualities does an effective project manager have?


Leadership is one of the most important and natural qualities for any manager. Its presence implies the ability to clearly organize, guide and lead the team to success and efficiency. A good leader always knows when and how to motivate his colleagues.

Strategic thinking and results orientation

A results-oriented manager is constantly motivated and shows the team the right path to development (this requires a strong character, competitiveness and healthy ambitions). Result-oriented managers always strive to exceed well-known standards and become better.

Effective communication

In managing any team, it is important to always keep the door open. Let your colleagues know that if they have any problems, you are ready to listen to them. Open communication will help you and your team solve problems and urgent issues faster.

Team play

Any team consists of people who strive to achieve their personal goals, as well as the goals of the team. It is important to always feel support and focus on the overall result. Even a 15-minute daily meeting in the Agile team can be an excellent occasion to rally people and “smooth out” interpersonal “irregularities”.

Ability to build team trust

Experienced managers should constantly ask themselves: does my team trust me? Any employee wants his leader to keep his promises and keep up to date with timely alerts in case of changes in plans and directions.

Project management is an important and indispensable profession which helps you to get maximum value at minimum cost.

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