Why Java is so popular programming language?

Jan 9, 2020
2 min read
why java is so popular programming language?

Why Java is so popular programming language?

There are lots of programming languages out there, many of which are not that heavily used. And with so much competition out there, you have to wonder why Java is such a popular programming language. There are many newer and maybe even better development languages, so it’s hard to figure out why Java is still extremely popular. Here are some of the main reasons behind that.

Platform independence

One of the top advantages brought by Java is platform independence. You can run Java programs on just about any computer that supports the Java Runtime Environment. That includes Windows, Mac and Linux. So yes, Java apps can run anywhere, which is great for any developer.

It’s fundamentally object-oriented

The code is very robust and that’s due to Java objects having no reference to external data. So even if you wrote a Java program 10 years ago, the code is still up to date and it will access the latest JRE benefits related to memory management, native code translating or profiling. That’s not possible with many development languages.

Understanding the code and troubleshooting is very easy

Since Java is object-oriented, it’s really easy to break down the code and manage it in smaller chunks. You get modularity, ease of us and you can easily figure out where an issue comes from. You rarely get that, which makes Java one of the best programming languages out there in a situation like this.

Versatile API

The Java API has 50 keywords and thousands of classes you can work with. You get tens of thousands of coding methods and there’s a lot of versatility and value to be had in all of this. To make things even better, the API can be learned by newcomers with ease, so it’s very simple and a pleasure to use.

Adapting to any requirement

You can use Java on mobile devices and computer too. On top of that, it even works on Raspberry Pi and other devices too. There aren’t any limitations when it comes to Java. Instead, you can adapt it to your own needs and constantly improve the code to make it better if you want.

Great IDE

The Java Integrated Development Environment allows you to edit the source code and you also get an automated debugger just to make sure that you avoid any issues. You can write code quickly and with great convenience here.


It’s easy to see why Java is still so popular. With so much versatility, adaptability and ease of use, Java continues to stand out since it gives people options and it can be adapted and customized for any project. The fact that your projects aren’t outdated even if they are 5–10 years old and that you can run Java apps on just about any platform really shows the great value provided by this development language. While it might be a bit complex to learn for some, you can easily adapt it to your needs as time goes by, and that’s a great opportunity for any developer!

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