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About the company

HAL24K, a Data Intelligence scale-up with offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and London, provides operational and predictive intelligence to cities, countries, and companies. Integrating advanced data science techniques like machine learning and deep neural networks, they utilize their SaaS-based Dimension platform for real-time data-driven decision-making in complex and multidimensional environments. HAL24K operates as a hub, overseeing diverse internal products and systems. Further details on our projects within this hub are outlined below.



(AOM) is a transformative project designed for the way England's road inspections are managed and planned. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, AOM aims to establish a comprehensive 30-year maintenance schedule enriched with dynamic data input capabilities and variable adjustments.

This innovative system employs machine learning to predict essential metrics such as cost estimations, optimal maintenance timelines, road conditions, paint requirements, etc,.

With over 60 parameters influencing its forecasts, AOM offers a unique feature to adjust predictions, and so on. For instance, it could reduce paint usage applied at the start rather than the end of summer, halving the workforce needed for certain tasks. Additionally, it provides strategic advice on seasonal maintenance activities, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

The Annotation Tool

The Annotation Tool, operates as a sophisticated graphic content management system. It allows users to annotate images, which yield actionable predictions and resource optimization recommendations when processed through machine learning. For example, selecting a carrot flower in an image enables the system to analyze its bloom and suggest precise fertilizer adjustments.


ASSET View, integrates four distinct projects: MFE Asset (Blueprint, MFE Inspection, MFE Ingestion, MFE Annotation). These are separate projects that are combined into one project, and can be used separately if desired . This platform facilitates comprehensive management of maintenance activities, from bridge inspections using drone-captured imagery to identifying and annotating structural issues like rust, thereby streamlining the maintenance workflow across various assets.

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Client Goals

The overarching goal for AOM was to enhance its technological framework by transitioning from Vue to React for increased flexibility, reusability, and extensibility.

For the Annotation Tool, the objective was to elevate its existing functionalities, which had become inefficient across its three prior iterations.

Meanwhile, ASSET View aimed to integrate the Annotation Tool seamlessly, focusing on code refactoring, optimizing, and enhancing the platform's overall performance and usability.

Our Solution


We revolutionized AOM's data handling capabilities by encoding dynamic data forms, allowing for real-time updates and scenario-based field adjustments. This innovation has significantly streamlined the process of manipulating road-related data, offering a unified form that adapts to various maintenance scenarios.

Design: Our team undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the system's UI/UX design, transforming outdated interfaces into dynamic, user-friendly experiences. We were able to greatly enhance the system's efficiency and user satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary steps and automating processes.

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Annotation Tool

We migrated the annotation tool to a dedicated library, thereby enhancing its logic, functionality, and reusability. Now a proprietary asset, this tool was integrated into three separate projects, bolstering its utility and value.


As far as ASSET View was concerned, our architectural improvements reduced page load times and enhanced the platform's efficiency. By introducing a component-based architecture and incorporating ready-made MIUI components, we facilitated faster development and a more dynamic, customizable user experience.

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The project reached its release milestone with a unified and fully functional system that significantly improves project usability and efficiency.

Annotation Tool

Achieving release status, this feature now stands as a pivotal selling point for the platform, embodying a cost-effective and proprietary solution that markedly enhances its service offering.


The completion of the front-end development resulted in a ready-to-use MVP. This tool not only meets the specified requirements but also serves as a demonstrable MVP to propel the sale and distribution of the entire asset management solution.

Through these comprehensive efforts, we were able to establish a robust, versatile platform that not only meets the current demands but is also poised for future expansions, thus ensuring long-term sustainability and operational excellence.

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