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Analyzing data can be quite daunting if the right tools are not used. Infinity is a software tool designed to provide a platform for corporations, organizations, companies, and B2B enterprises with a wide array of complex data to clean, analyze, transform, manipulate and visualize data.

Infinity has functionalities for data mining, analysis, modeling, visual programming, and high-level interactive visualization. With powerful visualization instruments, data generated from available statistics is reshaped to fit into different visuals like graphs, charts, histograms, and plots.

Client goals

The major needs of our clients are to have software that performs statistical, analytical, and visualization tasks, but on a system that is customized to fit their specific needs as a brand. It’s an editable platform where user experience, user interface, branding, and general aesthetic feel of the application can be custom-built by each client.

We don’t stop at a one-time design. We welcome all ideas and our team is always available for modifications to improve the user experience. We make adjustments and implementations as necessary.

This system is also designed to notify clients of any latest updates, upgrades, and version changes made to the application, keeping them in the loop and abreast of all necessary information.

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Implemented features

Infinity uses template styles/features and visual programming created with a collection of vectors and a graphical interface that help clients perform qualitative analysis, exploration, and generation of interactive visualization from available statistical data without coding. The template is not a one-size-fits-all, general to all clients, rather its content – like logos, favicons, colors, headings, and text - is editable, and individual to each client, according to their preference.

Aside from templates, we provide customization for core functionalities on the system. Visualization in different forms can be modified by name, size, and color to fit the data the client has. These visualizations can be saved and retrieved in different formats and extensions. PDF, .XLS, and .PPT.

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We didn’t just create a functional system, we implemented internal security and abstraction within the system. The application uses a super admin permission feature to create user-level access and roles within the system. This access creates a user hierarchy and with abstraction, only essential information on a role can be viewed.

The super admin (the highest level within the system) gives rights to each role and how many interactions they will have on the application, making sure that entry-level users are not privy to high-level information, hence protecting data and information.

Super admin permission is not only implemented on user interactions on the application, but also specific features like vectors and templates. These features perform differently based on the roles assigned to them.

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Concerned with having a seamless workflow and experience for users, we implemented attributes like a search suggestion to help users find relevant content when they specify a certain keyword without having to navigate the entire application. Also, we added the possibility for a client to convert a graph to a table format, as well as the ability to add filters to any chart to find more detailed information.

Infinity application is also designed to integrate vectors from other visual analytics platforms like Tableau and Qlik, making it easier to switch to any of the platforms with a simple API connection and continue working without having to enter the same data multiple times or starting afresh.

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Each graphic chart generated comes equipped with adding Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that can be used for describing the data (charts) with a narrative.

With a rugged subscription and update notifications, we created a system that goes beyond core technical functions, in the way we pass out timely information to clients. We send out two types of newsletters and emails. One is a scheduled email that is sent out regularly, on a set time and day. A second email is sent when there is a change in data (numbers).

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2018 - Current time


3 Front-End Developers, 2 Back-End Developers, 1 QA/QC engineer

Used Technologies

Infinity Java 11

Java 11

Infinity Spring


Infinity Tomcat


Infinity Nginx


Infinity Hibernate


Infinity Mockito


Infinity JUnit5


Infinity Selenium Database

Selenium Database

Infinity Gcloud


Infinity Tableau


Infinity HTML5


Infinity Type Script

Type Script

Infinity Material Design 2

Material Design 2

Infinity AngularJs


Infinity Node.js


Infinity NPM


Infinity Webpack


Infinity Sass


Infinity Git


Infinity Docker


Infinity Jenkins


Infinity Google Visualization

Google Visualization

Infinity Lucene


Infinity Spark


Infinity PostgreSQL


Infinity BigQuery


Infinity MySQL


Infinity Oracle


Infinity Hive


Infinity RedShift


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