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The digital world has brought us some amazing new design platforms. Some of the most exciting examples can be found in the world of interior design. With KitchCreator, the goal was to create a single multi-platform three-dimensional product configurator and space planner. Though it had some cross-industry potential, it was largely intended for the catering industry.

3D project configuration platforms allow users to choose the features they want to create, allowing for perfectly configured products. Using the room planner, users can create a 3D layout using those products.

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Client Goals

With KitchCreator, the client wanted to develop a product completely from scratch but still build upon previous 3D space designers. Our task was to develop the KitchCreator product from the Kithautomation platform.

Initially, there was only MVP. You could only configure a conditional shelf and then save. The main users were to be architects looking to design and sell, factories, and dealers. This meant that we needed to find ways to improve the software and interface so that users could perform a wider array of important functions. This included the ability to post on their creator marketplace and to search for factories and dealers.

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Our Solution

The process began with Revit, a software complex for automated design. This unique software implements the principle of information modeling within the context of buildings. It is often utilized by architects, designers, and design engineers. To meet the client’s demands, we simply began implementing various features.

These included:

Roomle Service Integration

This is a modular 3D / AR product configuration. It includes price calculations and order lists. One of the primary benefits of utilizing Roomle is that it is completely free, highly intuitive, and features a very basic but detailed 3D room planner.

Three types of users

Users will consist of factories, dealers, and architects. We decided to implement a separate interface for each based on their unique needs. The architects need an interface that allows them to design and sell. The factories can likewise indicate that they create certain products. Finally, dealers consist of the store chains that actually sell the products.

Push notifications

These were constructed with Firebase, a set of hosting services offering NoSQL and real-time hosting for databases, content, social authentication, and more. Push notifications are essential to properly communicating and interfacing with users.

Payment System

Using Stripe integration, a suite of APIs powering online payment processing. Stripe is an excellent provider of commerce solutions with a specific focus on internet businesses. We hope that utilizing this platform will help the client scale faster down the line.

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Graphic Dashboards

Graphic dashboards are crucial for tracking work over a certain time period. This could include how many leads were attracted in a week, month, or year or how much money was spent on attracting those leads. You could also see lead origins, percentages, etc.

Regional Dealer Search

This is essentially a database of dealers where users can choose and search by region. They simply choose the numbers of the regions, and the system will automatically compile them for easy viewing.

Client Profitability Calculator

Built from scratch, this allows the client to estimate prices, weekly profits, revenue, etc. Other metrics can be seen below.

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Ultimately, our team delivered a platform that perfectly met the client's needs, featuring tailored interfaces for architects, factories, and dealers. We seamlessly integrated essential functionalities like list management, price calculations, a direct payment system, interactive dashboards, and easy-to-use search options, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient user experience.

Project Details


on the client side

Development Methodology


Available version.


Inventorsoft Team

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Databases and External Services

PostgreSQL, HubSpot, Stripe, Intercom, Roomle


June 2022 - Ongoing


React.js, Typescript, Jest

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