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Matics is a leading SaaS company specializing in Digital Transformation for manufacturers. Matics’ digital platform empowers production teams to work smarter by connecting people, processes, systems, and machines, and providing real-time actionable insights to reduce downtime and drive productivity, trusted by hundreds of factories around the world.

Founded in 2015, Matics is specifically designed to support manufacturers. The company’s current project offers a comprehensive platform for factory management, focusing on displaying key performance indicators, internal data, and detailed information on products, materials, operations, etc. This enables detailed analysis and forecasting of activities, aiding in the decision-making process.

Customers typically include organizations that operate multiple factories, ranging from 6 to 10, with each or a select number connected to the Matics platform. Alternatively, the platform can also cater to a single factory setup. Industries served include bottling and filling, plastics, consumer goods, paper, and printing, among others.

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Client Goals

Matics came to Inventorsoft looking for a variety of front-end improvements. At the time they reached out to us, the front end was being outsourced. More specifically, Matics wanted us to fix a wide variety of system bugs and serve as a programmer for their mobile development (+2 iOS and Android).

Our Solution

New Production Line Workflow

Working on a Gantt chart visualizes a production line, showcasing the structure of the factories divisions, specific machines within those divisions, and the projected workflow on each machine. This workflow takes into account specific stops, days off, and conditions for starting work. The diagram allows operators to change the work order, delay starts, and also sort, filter data, and save an updated production plan. Previously, this feature used an old version built with Angular, which did not meet customer expectations. That’s why it was decided to replace it with an updated version developed using React. This feature is currently available to customers for an additional fee.

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New KPIs Customization Dashboard

The previous performance indicator dashboard component was built on Angular and featured an outdated design. We developed a new dashboard on React based on updated design layouts. This component allows users to customize colors and names of performance indicators, and translate information into different languages.

Quality tests

Together with another developer, we worked on components for quality testing specific materials or products. Using a pre-saved test template, which includes parameters such as the minimum-maximum threshold and formula, the user can display real indicators and receive test results, which are stored in the system along with relevant reports.

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Portal Development

Since the platform originally displayed data for just one factory and the company may have multiple factories, it was decided to develop a portal that displays all the organization's facilities, their main performance indicators, and general reports in one place. This portal enables users to log into each factory separately without needing to re-login to the main platform. Additionally, it allows users to set key performance indicators and adjust them for all factories collectively.

Bug Repairs

Support and bug fixing are currently underway for the "rules" component, which is slated for reformatting due to an outdated design and the need to improve the code structure. The primary function of this component is to notify users when a predefined event occurs. For instance, the system can send messages at two-hour intervals, dispatch messages following the activation of work or a machine breakdown, or initiate a service call to a mobile phone. Depending on the specific conditions set, the component activates the rule, either sending a task or notifying the relevant groups or individuals that the event occurred.

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Overall, our upgrades to the Matics systems significantly enhanced performance and usability across all components. By expanding the team and improving communication within the project, we enabled much more efficient problem-solving and task management. These improvements facilitated the development of the Gantt chart and the new dashboard, which now offer greater customization and intuitive interaction, markedly improving usability and user satisfaction.

Product support and overall system stability were greatly enhanced through the development of a multi-portal system that consolidated data across all factory locations. This system allowed for uniform performance monitoring and management, ensuring consistent operational oversight and streamlined data handling.

Project Details


On the client side

Methodology of development


Available version

Web and Mobile

Inventorsoft Team

4 Front-end


On the client side

Databases and External Services

Intercom, ChurnZero


May 2022 - Ongoing


React JS, Angular

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