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Nuna is a mental health wellness application where users can contact psychologists from all over the world. Its main aim is to make mental health care accessible to users everywhere.

The application is designed to tag psychologists by their different areas of expertise like clinical psychology, marriage, and counseling, addiction or substance abuse psychology, sexual psychology, depression, etc. This way, users can easily find the psychologists that fit the situation they need help with and contact them.

Client goals:

For this project, the client specifically requested our front-end and UI/UX services. This meant we had to redesign the interface and interactions (for both desktop and mobile versions) of the application, to create an exquisite layout for easy accessibility, convenience, and navigation within the application.

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Implemented Features

UI/UX functionality

Improving the UI/UX functionality existing was a major aspect of our job. We did this by revamping entire pages to make them more interesting to users.

With a minimal, simple graphical layout, attractive colors, great visuals, transitions, and animations, we made it easy for users to navigate seamlessly within the application, register or sign up, search for psychologists, chat with psychologists, reach out to admin, and to read reviews and general information about the application.

Optimizing Registration

Our work significantly streamlined the registration or sign-up process, making it more user-friendly and efficient. By critically evaluating and reducing the number of fields—either through elimination or consolidation—we managed to decrease the time required for users and psychologists to complete their registrations, thereby simplifying the overall flow. Furthermore, we introduced clear error messages and notes on fields. Now, should a user input incorrect or improperly formatted data, they are immediately informed of the specific error and its location, facilitating quick corrections.

Wizard setup registration system

We streamlined the sign-up process for psychologists, simplifying fields for essential information like qualifications, experience, billing details, communication preferences, introductory videos, availability, and expertise.

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Therapist matching.

For this project, the team focused on enhancing the therapist-matching process, integrating advanced selection features and customizable filters to optimize the user experience. By visiting the Therapist Matching page at Therapist Matching, users can leverage these filters to narrow down their search for the ideal specialist accurately. Subsequently, the pathway leads users to the Expert Recommendations page at Expert Recommendations, where detailed profiles and expert suggestions further assist in the decision-making process. This initiative significantly improves the ease and effectiveness of finding the right therapist, showcasing the team's commitment to user-centric solutions.

Mobile Version

We created a mobile version of the application, to match the desktop version. The mobile version satisfies all consumer needs. Previous bugs that had formerly caused issues were thoroughly removed, making them highly responsive, convenient, adapted, and designed to suit mobile characteristics and all the features that the desktop has.

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Integration with Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 Calendars

This advancement simplifies the scheduling process, eliminating the need to switch between different applications and reducing the risk of overbooking. Users can now effortlessly access their schedules, arrange new meetings, and adjust existing ones—all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Chat Features

We've implemented both a Chat Room and Chat Search feature: The Chat Room offers a private inbox for secure conversations between users and psychologists. Additionally, smart Chat Search functionality allows both parties to swiftly find specific sections or information in their chats by searching for relevant keywords, enhancing the ease of referencing past discussions.

Non-core functional implementation

We ensured that data protection measures were implemented to guarantee the privacy and security of information shared within the system. Users and psychologists alike are granted permissions exclusively to create and edit their pages and profiles.

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By focusing on user-centric design and functionality, the project significantly elevated the accessibility and usability of mental health care services, aligning with its goal to make mental health support universally accessible. We successfully transformed its mental health wellness application through comprehensive UI/UX enhancements, streamlined registration processes, and the introduction of advanced features like therapist matching with customizable filters, a mobile version that parallels desktop functionality, integrated calendar scheduling, and secure chat functionalities.

Project Details


From the client side

Methodology of development


Available version.

Web and Mobile

Inventorsoft Team

1 Front-end


We hosted this application on Vercel and DigitalOcean

Databases and External Services

PostgreSQL, Stripe, Google, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 Calendars


2022 - 2023


React.js, Next JS

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