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Country: Ukraine
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Performance management is one of those things all businesses try to do, but very few actually succeed. This is because really knowing what is going on is harder than it seems. Impressions vary depending on who you ask: the employees themselves, their peers or management. These diverging opinions create ongoing uncertainty, thereby making it nearly impossible to make effective adjustments.

That being said, there is no need to worry, because this is where we come in. Operf is an innovative HR software to automate the review process. With Operf, you will know exactly what measures make sense for your business.

Let us look at what Operf can do for you. Since this application is based aggregating reviews, the first step is to design these. Now it is easier than ever before, as Operf lets you either use the ready-for-use templates or add your own questions.

Before the actual review can start, a designated administrator (in most cases a senior executive) determines the roles: who is an employee and who is a manager. Then, every employee and manager in the system fills out the review. To achieve more accurate results, every employee chooses a peer who will review their performance.

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After all the reviewing is finished, the magic starts. Operf collects all the data and uses advanced algorithms to display the final analytics in a user-friendly interface. Here, employees can view their performance and set goals for the future. Seeing the performance review results allows one to work on skills in certain areas. They might also serve as incentive to stay on top of potential issues. This final form combines the review the employee filled out himself, the opinion of his chosen peer and that of management. Combining all this different information and presenting it in a comprehensive and intuitive way is what makes Operf special and an invaluable HR tool.

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Now, that is one side of the coin. Because there is another opinion, which might be even more important than that of in-house colleagues: The clients. Knowing what they like about your company, and especially which interactions they considered pleasant is like striking gold. Maintaining good relationships with clients is paramount; you always have to consider that they might talk to other potential business partners.

Consequently, Operf makes it possible for you to involve a client’s opinion in the review process. They can be easily added, using a link you can send them in an email. That way, you can plan future strategies with far more accuracy, and employees will get even better feedback – a win-win, if there ever was one.

Like everything about Operf, payment is very simple: It is a subscription with a monthly fee. The amount charged will depend on how many persons are registered in the system.

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Implemented features

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Manage users and teams in the system, specify managers for each team.

Create question templates (templates) and the ability to create and configure the review process.

Fill out review forms for different types of users: employees, peers, managers.

Add analytics with which you can view statistics and control the review process.

Split up the roles and added the ability to add administrators.

For comfortable use of the application, we redesigned and made the payment process very simple and intuitive. The platform uses a subscription payment model. Once a month the platform charges a user depending on the number of employees added to the system.

Then, goals were added for users - each of them can add goals and improve skills in certain areas. An interesting point is that employees can tie their goals to the goals of management.

To save time, we added the function of saving responses without sending them. If suddenly, for some reason, the question has not been sent, the data will be saved and you will continue to work further.

Created the ability to invite our clients for the review process

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September 2017 - Present


2 Front-end, 2 Back-end developers, 1 Designer UI / UX, 1 QA Engineer

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