Industry: Messaging Platform

Country: Canada
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Textodog is an application for easy communication between companies and potential clients / existing clients.The main goal is to create a kind of messenger with which you can send and receive replies, create group text messages.Clients can easily get feedback by leaving the phone number and the question of interest.

Client goal

Our client wanted us to develop the client interface and application. It was necessary to introduce correspondence (chat),add prepared scripts to user responses, and also simplify the conditions for managing textbook that interacts with customers

Textodog Illustration 1

Main roles


Has the ability to add and delete manager, edit information on the site and in the application.


Has access to the correspondence with clients, views detailed information on interlocutors (clients) and corrects it.


Correspondence with managers, filling out the application form.

Implemented features

We have enabled filling out application forms with which a potential / existing client can get the answer to his question. For this we used the frameworks Vue.js, ui framework - vuetify

With the help of Twilio, we were able to implement the ability to keep an existing phone number (when interacting with managers) or choose a new phone for free.

The ability to respond to leads and customers from one place. Convenient filtering for managers, with the ability to contact customers from the same list / group.

Collect contact numbers (for managers).

Ability to leave notes (for managers). When texting with clients, a manager can leave certain notes that only he or a certain circle of managers can see.

Implementation of Keap software, with the help of which it is possible to store customer activity in one place, manage customer payments, and revise invoices.

As a result, we have a program with which you can quickly interact with clients and efficiently manage personnel (managers). A client interface and a mobile application were also developed. The Vue.JS Native framework was used to create mobile versions for iOS and Android.



August 2020 - November 2020


1 Front-end developer

Used Technologies

Textodog Vue.js


Textodog Vue Native

Vue Native

Textodog Vuetify


Textodog Twilio


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