TPOT - Analytical Platform

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TPOT is a the leading conversational analytics platform for complex B2B businesses with growing data scope and complexity. The platform brings the simplicity and speed of Google-like search to analytics and insight generation. With Infinity, business users can interact with their data using local business vocabulary that is intuitive to them, thereby analyzing at the speed of thought. Infinity introduces a new way to interact with your data, making it easy to build charts and dashboards.

Unlike other BI tools that require extensive training and understanding of the “system layout and navigation”, Infinity enables intuitive search across disparate data sources using terminology that is intuitive to your business. More than a billion people around the globe use search technologies (Google et al.) everyday to interact with vast stores of data and information (e.g., the internet).

For humans, search is a natural way to access the insights we seek. Infinity extends this human experience to B2B analytics, the space that has long been plagued by cumbersome tools with poor user experience.