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Sometimes, there are two parties who want the exact same thing. But a deal never materializes because they just cannot make contact. In regard to advertising, we want to help close that gap.

Advertising is a powerful tool to draw attention to your business if it is placed correctly. However, it is impossible for any single business to know all the best (and available) spots. So, we came up with an elegant solution to this problem.

The Yard Sign Network is an opportunity for home- and landowners to connect with those who would like to advertise on that land.

It is a solution that profits everybody. Homeowners can profit from their property in a way that was previously unavailable. Advertisers now have an easy way to find the ideal spot for their advertisement. At the end of the day, this is a win-win for everyone involved.

Client goals

We were tasked with establishing a working infrastructure. This entailed a working chat to facilitate correspondence between advertisers and landlords and displaying location pages.

Additionally, we had to adjust the home page and fill it with attractive visuals for users. Since this application relies heavily on localities, we integrated Google Maps for the best user experience.

Main roles


Can view customer correspondence. He can step in to help out with any technical problems that may arise for either party.


Can add locations, pictures and any other data that might be needed for communication.


Finds a certain location by using certain parameters. Additionally, he can contact the homeowner via email or chat. Should it become necessary, he can send payment information.

YardSignNetwork Illustration 1

Implemented features

Most advertisers search for local advertising opportunities. Therefore, this is where we started. We integrated a solution to search for advertising space by location.

Next came the chat injection. We did this through a web socket. This will allow for correspondence between advertisers and landlords. It may well occur that an advertiser has further questions about the specifics of what the landlord’s property is like. This could perhaps include how much traffic they can expect, how many other competitors are in the immediate vicinity or any number of things. To cover all possibilities, we added a chat built using Web Sockets.

It was important to make the chat look appealing, so we implemented it into the UI.

If an agreement is reached, payment is possible directly through Yard Sign Network. We integrated the payment system Stripe to help with this. It allows for quick and safe transfer.



2017 - 2018


2 Front-end, 1 Back-end developers, 1 Designer, 1 QA/QC Engineer

Used Technologies

YardSignNetwork Spring Boot

Spring Boot

YardSignNetwork Hibernate


YardSignNetwork Maven


YardSignNetwork Stripe


YardSignNetwork Rest application

Rest application

YardSignNetwork Angular


YardSignNetwork Java 9

Java 9

YardSignNetwork Web Socket

Web Socket

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