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This application aims to create a platform for sharing and discovering reviews of businesses. At the core of it stands the notion that both companies and potential customers can benefit from this.

In essence, this is the digital version of word-of-mouth. Companies that register can view how they are perceived by customers. On the flip side, customers can look at the reviews of a company they are interested in and find out what others had to say.

A very interesting feature for companies is the ability to seek out reviews from their customers. This means creating templates that can be sent out to clients. The best part is this can be automated, thereby saving time and resources.

In today’s age, reviews are everything. Their value for businesses cannot be overstated. With all the offers out there, customers are unsure of what is their best option. The most reliable source of information to them is the opinion of other customers. This is why Advertising Reviews is an essential part of quality control and marketing.

Client goals

By request of our client, Advertising Reviews is an MVP. All the essential functions are there, but we avoided lengthy work on features that might not be needed. As of now, the main goal is collecting data and feedback on the application and improving it where necessary.

Main roles

Business owner

The person who registers the business.


Essentially the same as the business owner, with the difference that he cannot receive payment.


The people who review businesses.

Super Admin

They activate or deactivate companies’ accounts, see every review and general information as well as administering the entire platform.

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Implemented features

First, we created the backbone of the Advertising review, which consists of two features. First, the basic function of registering a company, and, secondly, the ability for those companies to create a custom review template for clients to fill out.

Obviously, a review template without the possibility of leaving an actual review is pointless. So, we added all the features necessary for the reviewing process.

After we took care of the bare essentials, we expanded the application by adding a payment option. To best implement this, we used Stripe.

Whenever you deal with reviews, it is important to keep in mind the possibility of fraud; of reviews that do not accurately represent a company’s service. To that end, we designed an advanced algorithm that protects against any kind of review fraud.

To round out the product, we created a panel for the super admin. From here, he or she can keep an eye on everything happening on the platform. Should it become necessary, the super admin can step in to ensure everything goes smoothly.



January 2018 - June 2018


4 Full Stack developers, 1 UI / UX Designer, 1 QA Engineer

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