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Birdielessons is a platform that connects people who want to learn how to play golf with golf teachers. So, one can sign up on the platform either as a teacher or a student of golf.

The website is very easy to use, and one can get to know how to get started within just a few minutes of using it. Simplicity is one of the key things we considered while building this SaaS platform.

Client goals

The client required us to build the entire platform, so we had to build both the front-end and the back-end from scratch. Some information on the platform was provided by the client, and some we had to obtain through research. Also, our task was the visual design of the project itself. For convenient and simple use, we created a design thanks to which the platform would be intuitive for customers and easy to search for the information they need.

Main roles


When the students get on the platform, their role is to browse through the website and look for a suitable teacher who suits their learning needs. After they have found the teacher, the next step is signing up for a lesson, getting the teacher's schedule, and then making the payment. Students can also add and edit information about themselves to make it easier for teachers to know who they are going to train even before meeting up.


In the case of teachers, their main role is to view the list of their students, the schedule they set for each of them, and also view the payments that have been made by the students on their list. Also, teachers have the possibility to sell their video tutorials to students.

Birdielessons Illustration 1

Implemented features

User management

With this platform, all users (both teachers and students) have to create accounts with the site before connecting with other users. All the information the user provides is up to them. So, there is no user management on the admin side. Users can also edit their information at any time they wish.


We developed the backend of this website from scratch and then deployed it to the servers thereafter. When it came to storing the database files, we chose Amazon S3. We chose AWS because it has some of the fastest and most reliable servers in the world at the moment.

We integrated Stripe Payments API into the site to enable students to easily make payments. We also integrated a video and calendar API on the teacher's platform to enable them to schedule meetings with students and also add video tutorials.


We have a manual QA Engineer on our team who did the testing of the site to ensure all the features we added were working properly. The tester had to look for any bugs on the site by practically using it on both the user's side and the backend. Any bugs that were found had to be fixed by the engineers.


This platform was hosted by a German hosting provider. The deployment of the site to the servers was done by us.

Used development methodology

The methodology used to build this platform is Kanban.

The site also generated automated reports that would show the payment information for the courses over time. This report was on the side of the teachers.

The top features created by us

Calendar implementation

We integrated this feature to help teachers keep track of the scheduled sessions they had with various students.


We integrated Stripe into the website. We used Stripe API to enable students to pay their teachers using Stripe payment method. Stripe is an international payment system, and it is compatible with different types of debit/VISA cards

Integration with video

The video section was added to help teachers add video tutorials for the students to use.


These were meant to identify students that were given a discount on the training fees.

Chat section

To facilitate communication between students and teachers. The chat section of the app was built in a way that makes it fast and convenient for teachers and students to stay in touch before and after meeting.



2017 year


1 Front-end, 1 Back-end developres, 1 QA / QC engineer, 1 Designer

Used Technologies

Birdielessons Java 8

Java 8

Birdielessons Spring


Birdielessons Hibernate


Birdielessons Spring Data

Spring Data

Birdielessons Query DSL

Query DSL

Birdielessons Angular


Birdielessons Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Birdielessons Stripe


Birdielessons Jenkins


Birdielessons Nginx


Birdielessons Docker


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