Industry: Supply chain / E-commerce

Country: Israel
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Dropyzon main


Dropyzon needed a portal that would allow their dropshipping clients to order from Amazon, with delivery to their customers directly. Dropyzon would be able to find the products at the lowest prices across the Amazon platform, produce a tracking number, and then dispatch the item directly to the dropshipper’s customers.

Client goals

Our client required a complete solution to be built from scratch, covering both the backend and frontend operations. The site needed an engaging and simple UI/UX, options for integration with other platforms, and the capability to grow alongside the business.

Main roles


The customer, as the dropshipper, needed to be able to place an order on the platform.


The processor is an internal entity that makes each order placed by the customer, either by a person or using a code that is registered by system administrators.

Customer Support Resource (CSR)

This was an essential persona that would provide support to users if there were any problems or issues while using the platform.


Administrators needed full visibility of the platform to see orders, make changes and cancellations, manage individual transactions, and access the details of all the platform’s registered users.

Dropyzon Illustration 1

Implemented features

Editing orders

These included the ability to add and edit orders, allowing customers the option to change or cancel orders and get refunds where possible. Customers are also able to upload data using a CSV file.

Order processing system

Once we had completed the order placing elements of the platform, we then designed an order processing system that could be run as an automated solution or operated manually, with administrators applying the rules.

Order update interface

After that we created an order update interface so that users could see any changes to the product, delivery tracking information, location data and any problems with the product. We ensured that the platform is fully synchronized with Amazon.

Integration with another platform

Apart from ensuring the platform worked with Amazon, we also designed it to integrate with eBay, so that intermediaries could benefit from an almost fully automated business model. Using this feature allows the platform to place orders on eBay, process them, order the items from Amazon, assign a tracking number, and deliver them to the end customer. After this development work was completed, we connected the platform to Payoneer and PayPal.

Registration pages

We then created registration pages and a login feature using Google Forms. This was then supported with email verification to ensure that the platform was safe and secure.

Dropyzon Illustration 2

The biggest challenge

The most significant challenge we faced while creating the platform was designing the automatic order processing system which operates in the background. This had to work in such a way that users could continue using other features on the platform. The system also needed to account for the fact that orders might change as Amazon prices, locations, availability, and product details change regularly.


Testing was on the client’s side


Google Cloud. Also, we were responsible for the deployment.

Methodology of development




2020 - Ongoing


Initiated: 1 Front end, 1 Back end; Continued: 1 Full Stack, 1 Back end

Used Technologies

Dropyzon Selenium


Dropyzon RSocket


Dropyzon RabbitMQ


Dropyzon Java


Dropyzon Spring Boot

Spring Boot

Dropyzon Hibernate


Dropyzon Quartz


Dropyzon Query DSL

Query DSL

Dropyzon JUnit


Dropyzon Vue.js


Dropyzon PostgreSQL


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