Industry: Project Management

Country: Sweden
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Meemo is a new application to organize project management. It brings together all the tasks associated with your project into one dashboard.

What we wish to achieve with this is a way for businesses to take care of the entire project from only one dashboard. So, with Meemo it is possible to not only manage current tasks and their progress but also add new tasks for the future to plan any project dynamically.

Additionally, you can work with files. If they are necessary to any given task, you can simply attach them to that task. That way anybody who needs to work with it has access to it immediately.

We wanted to make it as intuitive as possible. That is why we added visual cues to better highlight how much of any task has been completed and give an overall impression of how the project is going along.

Client goals

As per the request of our client, Meemo is an MVP (Minimum Value Product). This means we have included essential functions without working on lengthy extra features. The main goal of Meemo at this stage is receiving feedback from early customers and improving it one step at a time.

Main roles

Company owner

Configures the system in accordance with the needs of his business. He also invites users and sets up the functions concerning the payment. In addition, he has all the functions of a regular user at his disposal.


Manages projects. This means creating tasks and keeping track of the progress being made. Users can also attach project files, change status and attach tasks to files.

Meemo Illustration 1

Implemented features

The first step is also the key component of the entire application: The dashboard. This is the main page from where you can manage all the projects and tasks. A very central part of this are the tasks themselves. So, we focused on dragging and resizing them. We then created all the clever visuals that indicate the progress of any particular task.

Since Meemo focuses on organizing project management, it is paramount to have every essential person on board. Everybody has to be on the same page. That is why we added an ability to invite users to all your projects.

When you work on a project, it is important to be able to share thoughts with your team. Because, in most cases, people are not working at the same time in the same room, we created a feature to leave notes.

The final step was to connect the application to a payment system, in this case Stripe. Meemo uses a subscription-based payment model.



March 2019 - October 2019


2 Full Stack developers, 1 QA Engineer

Used Technologies

Meemo Java 8

Java 8

Meemo Spring


Meemo Spring Security

Spring Security

Meemo Thymeleaf


Meemo Angular


Meemo Hibernate


Meemo PostgreSQL


Meemo Jenkins


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