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Popsicle is a web platform that benefits children in enrolling in after-school activities and enables the application administrators to promptly and efficiently create activities, monitor all school records, trace transactions, and analyze data successfully. The program's central objective is to seamlessly accelerate the enrollment process and make it consistent across all platforms. With the guidance of numerous notifications, parents can collect all the essential information regarding the activities and track their child's attendance at all times.

Client Goals

The world-class development and digital design team at InventorSoft devised and instituted the architectural project entirely from scratch by executing a proficient process that involved high-grade collaboration to design, develop, test, and deploy the innovative platform successfully.

Main roles


View the types of activities offered to their children

View their children's class schedule by date and time

Choose who will pick their children up after class

Obtain notifications after their children have been picked up from school

Create a card with detailed information about the description of children's allergies or medical conditions which they may have.


They are granted access to all school reports

Ability to generate and post various classes onto the app

Have full dashboard access, access to charts, and all payment transactions that occur on the application software


Manager portals hold access to the same duties as the admin; however, they do not have access to payments, administrations, and user pages.


Has access to all available classes and is able to record the child's attendance with ease


Able to notify parents through SMS alerts

Register when the child arrives and checks out of the class

Record who took the child

Popsicle Illustration 1

Implemented features

1. REST-based server application written in Java

2. Application portal for schools

3. Application portal for parents

4. Application portal for administrators

The popsicle application was developed and designed by InventorSoft team to create hierarchical, highly-developed, and sustainable engineered elements. The fronted application operates a single page application written in Vue.js and based on eccentric and innovative schemes that are practical and optimal for all users. All application portals are hosted using Google Cloud to acknowledge more simplistic AI and ML assistance in the future. The app is able to expertly handle thousands of daily user volume without any technological concerns.

Features at a glance

The platform is a web application that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile device.

Applies an integration with Stripe (fee).

Features a transactions page.

A page that organizes all enrollment activity.

Utilizes a parental portal that allows parents to view their child's list of activities.

A centralized dashboard that shows all general information.

A contact page for children

Ability to download all school reports with ease

Effectively monitor the analytics of revenue, refunds, and more

Features Recently Added

After Care: Newly added activity that empowers children to enroll in several groups and exercises more settings including superior payment settings, and more productive detailed filtering of activities.

Three Payment Options: Hourly pay, pay by the day, pay for actual and planned activity attendance. The stripe feature facilitates the invoice to generate itself.

Integration of Twilio: Twilio entitles users to send and receive messages for seamless and transparent communication between the school and parents.

Customized Parenting Forms: These forms allow the school to understand parental preferences and get answers to questions they are searching for regarding their children.



2018 - Current time


1 Front-end Developer, 2 Back-end Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Designer

Used Technologies

Popsicle Java 11

Java 11

Popsicle Spring


Popsicle Vue.js


Popsicle Stripe


Popsicle Jenkins


Popsicle Spring Boot

Spring Boot

Popsicle Hibernate


Popsicle Spring Data

Spring Data

Popsicle Query DSL

Query DSL

Popsicle Quartz


Popsicle Web Socket

Web Socket

Popsicle Nginx


Popsicle Gcloud


Popsicle Micro Services

Micro Services

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