Features and benefits of WebSocket

Features and benefits of WebSocket

Features and benefits of WebSocket. Click here and learn more.
publish-icon Mar 25, 2020 time-icon 2 min read

WebSocket is a unique, popular technology designed to help you open a session of interactive communications between the user server and browser. Thanks to this technology users can easily send messages to a server and they will acquire responses that are event-driven. The best part about it is that you will not have to worry about long-polling or checking the server.

How can you establish a WebSocket connection?

First, you want to establish a connection from the client via the WebSocket handshake. Then you will have the client sharing a HTTP request towards the server. An upgrade header is required, and here the server will know that there’s a web socket connection. All the WebSocket URLS are using the ws scheme, which is very helpful because it brings in secure connections very similar to HTTPS. That helps improve the security and ensure that the entire experience is safe and convenient.

What can WebSocket do for you?

With WebSocket you have a single, long TCP socket connect that helps you connect the server and client. You will find it easier to distribute full duplex, bi-directional messages in real time. You have a minimal overhead and the connection has no latency, which is very helpful.

You want to use WebSocket because it maintains a continual connection between the server and client. Even if the client is not requesting data, this will still be sent. On top of that, you have constant full duplex communication that can be sent either way, which really helps more than you might imagine. HTTP is not great because it usually comes with a challenge-response principle. By removing that and offering real time results and support, WebSocket has the potential to make a huge difference and this, in turn, will help everyone. Plus, the server pushes data fast and you can easily convert a regular HTTP connection into a WebSocket one.

Where can you use WebSocket?

Normally the WebSocket technology can be used as an alternative to HTTP because it’s faster and more secure. And while you can use it anywhere you want, there are some fields where it works even better. That would be live sports tickers, chat apps, online games and real time updating social streams. Basically any type of real time stream or program will fare better with the use of WebSocket. Upgrading to the latest version of WebSocket is a priority, as it gives you access to the best and latest features.


WebSocket is one of those solutions that can bring in front amazing results and benefits. It has the opportunity to improve your security while also bringing in a very low latency experience. This is pivotal in real time solutions and a variety of other factors. All you have to do is to give it a try for yourself and the results will be very impressive. WebSocket stands out of the crowd and it has the potential to replace many similar systems thanks to its efficiency and outstanding quality!

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