What are the benefits of progressive web apps?

Oct 21, 2019
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What are the benefits of progressive web apps?

In the past few years, more and more companies have started creating and using progressive web apps. But why is that? At its core, the idea behind progressive web apps is that they are web apps that use standard web technologies as well as new JavaScript features. As a result, you have the unique opportunity to create very fast web pages with PWA. These boost the user experience and can also improve conversion rates as well.

You can save a lot of money
By creating progressive web apps instead of regular apps, you can save up to 75% from the cost of that native app. You just have to adjust the storefront, there’s no need to have a separate native app. It’s simpler and a lot more convenient.

Faster loading times
Usually progressive web apps tend to load up to 3 times faster than mobile stores. At the same time, you get a very smooth performance, which is hard to come by in a situation like this. Faster loading speeds also help reduce the server load and you don’t have to worry about the store slowing down or crashing to begin with.

Seamless browsing
The progressive web app browsing experience is immaculate and amazing in its own right. As a result, you get to boost conversion rates naturally, all while bringing a 2.8x increase for the time spent on site and conversion rates. You can easily get the money you invested in progressive web app creation back very easily.

Progressive web apps work offline
One of the major benefits of progressive web apps is that they work offline. If you want to allow the user to keep browsing your app without relying on an internet connection, you can easily do that and it will help quite a bit.
These work great on mobile devices too.
Another major advantage of progressive web apps is that they are working very well on mobile devices. There’s no need for mobile apps when you have progressive web apps. They have pretty much the same functionality, and you get to save thousands of dollars from not creating a native mobile app. In the end, users will barely see any difference.
We recommend you to invest in progressive web apps for your business as fast as possible. You will be more than impressed with the results and the experience can be extraordinary. It’s faster, more convenient and also more affordable to create progressive web apps, so you should totally give this a shot! Inventorsoft is always here to help!

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