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Collaborate with a talented Angular development company that manages software development projects for operational managers of startups/outsourcing IT companies in Europe and the USA looking for a good quality and dedicated team of software developers at affordable prices.

Benefits of AngularHere is what you enjoy when you choose any of our angular development services:

Multiple Platforms

Our Angular progressive web apps service is not only budget-friendly, but we also design an intuitive user interface that can run on diverse mobile platforms and native-like applications. It means you get web apps and hybrid mobile apps that can run on both progressive and native-like platforms for the same budget.

High performance & speed

The generic features of Angular, such as the built-in dependency injection, routers, Angular CLI, etc., streamline the development process. The angular framework can synchronize with different back-end programming languages to showcase sourced data on the UI in the most efficient way.

Progressive web apps

Modern web apps with optimal responsiveness, connectivity independence, zero loading time, discoverability, and easy installation are built with AngularJS to ensure the high performance of the web platforms. The Angular framework is a game-changer as it is redefining the progressive web development process.

Code Generation

We turn templates into the most functional code, which makes it look like handwritten code. This code works similarly to a framework for building web apps or mobile apps, or hybrid.


The simplified approach provided by Angular in working with templates enables us to create an intuitive user interface with clear boundaries in both view mode and on the application. This is why when a tweak or changes are made in view mode; the application interface remains intact.

Well Structured Projects

A software development team builds Angular web applications quickly and in a highly structured way with the Angular framework. Its low-code features and extraordinary accessibility ensure we can organize your projects in one place.

Our Angular development services include:

iconCustom Angular development

We provide top-notch Angular Development services that address the unique requirement of your business. Our dedicated team can collaborate with you effectively on your software development projects to ensure you get highly optimized, flexible, and scalable Angular applications.

iconFront-end development

We design and develop quality HTML, CSS, and Javascript frameworks for your web applications. Our Angular developers work round the clock to ensure your web apps have a highly responsive, interactive, and intuitive user interface.

iconAngular PWA development

Progressive Web Apps or PWA enhance modern APIs to provide optimized capabilities, installability, and reliability and reach any device using a single codebase. Our team of Angular developers is skilled and experienced in developing Angular PWA that align with your business requirements.

iconMobile App Development

We help clients build and manage successful apps that can adapt with different environments or platforms. We can also help clients track errors in Angular frameworks and Javascript frameworks.

iconEcommerce development

Inventorsoft provides comprehensive eCommerce development solutions from strategy, integrations to migrations and the development of bespoke and results-oriented online stores for our clients. We provide support, as well as maintenance services to keep your site up and running, as well as improve your revenue.

iconSingle-Page App Development

Web applications are disrupting archaic desktop applications. We design single-page applications similar to Gmail, Facebook, Google maps, or Github that function in browsers with no extra wait time or page reload.

iconIonic Cross-Platform Development

We build progressive web apps and cross-platform mobile apps with a single code to ensure easy migration to app stores. The adaptive styling ensures your apps adapt to every environment and platform.

iconAngular migration

The latest version-Angular is faster, provides a modular layout with a command-line interface, and generates dynamic SPAs. Let's talk about migrating from AngularJS to ensure zero impact on your business operation.

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What else you can do with Angular?

Since its introduction in 2016, Angular has been the darling of software developers (front-end and back-end). It possesses advanced capabilities that enable Angular developers to structure code in the most efficient way.

Migrating from AngularJs to Angular offers the following advantages:

As a result of its model-view-controller, the independent component enables developers to build an intuitive user interface for applications.

The Angular model is super-efficient for the creation and management of large or complex applications.

Angular possesses a neater code structure with features such as optimized dependency injection.

It uses Typescript, which is more suitable for front-end development.

Angular supports all kinds of mobile devices and browsers.

Angular guarantees speed and performance.

Why choose Inventorsoft? We collaborate with small and large scale global enterprises to optimize and scale products across native and progressive web platforms leveraging design thinking and disruptive technologies in AI, mobile, web, cloud.

Qualified specialists

Inventorsoft has formidable expertise and an excellent transparency reputation: 50+ cases and 25+ feedback about our work; raises specialists through our own academy; leverages new innovative technologies and responds to customer feedback.

Agile approach

We prioritize high code quality and efficient software outcomes. Our solutions emanate from a cross-functional team dedicated to delivering products that help clients navigate their way through software development projects.

Affordable pricing

InventorSoft offers Back-end/Front-end/Design services and developers staff that gives you a perfect combination of quality and price, customer-oriented support, fast, excellent communication, trial period, and great contract conditions.


We are open in terms of processes and negotiations. We take responsibility for employees and provide a replacement for a programmer in case of force majeure.

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